Sunday, December 30, 2007

The new and improved RAG Version 3.0 (©Mr. C.)

Time and again I start to ponder about things like god, the universe and its grandeur, the human mind and soul, heaven and hell, virtue and sin etc. The topic of this post is really abstract to say the least. It tries to explain some basic yet complex things like life, birth and death, free will.

To begin with let me remind you of whats depicted in the movie Matrix, everyone is bound by a software system and a make believe world, the rules of which are designed by the software developer. Lets assume that there is a hypothetical entity called the Creator (lets not call him god over here as this might then create a negative bias in minds of the atheists or the non-believers). Now this creator; lets call him Mr. C.; designed a software something like a random number generator in MS-excel. Instead of random number generator he designed a random action generator (lets call this as RAG Version 3.0), but this generator was always constrained by some rules like gravity, time and space, energy, Newtons 3 laws etc etc…. now a random number generator run some 1000 times will give thousand 1000 different outputs….similarly the human mind was programmed to the random action generator my Mr. C.

So while you were thinking of whether you should go for the vanilla flavor or the chocolate one, and then after much thought you selected chocolate then patted your back for making a smart choice, Mr C. up there is all smiles as he sees your stupidity of taking credit for something in which you do not deserve any. Along with this software, Mr C gave us one very important weapon which we call now as “Reason” something that helps us justify all our actions which in actuality are totally random. The beauty is that Mr C doesn’t want us to know of this reality, that is why he gave us the power of reasoning. For Mr C. the world must look such a fascinating place wont it, to see the myriad things that can come out of different permutations and combinations of the random action generator, right from Adams action of having the forbidden apple to man’s decision of creating the nuclear weapon….its all something that even he dint imagine when he designed the software and now he wonders at the marvels that it’s created. Theres one more twist to the story….he interlinked all the softwares so my decision or choice today would in someway directly or indirectly affect the entire ecological system…just like a butterfly fluttering its wings in some place in africa can bring about a tornado in texas…marvelous isn’t it????

Reason gave the world many new things, many new facets. Fantastic inventions were made, remote places were discovered…. Also man used reason to create some new rules for the software system, like if you kill or hit someone you will be punished, then definition of what is right and what is wrong, whats just and unjust are all in effect man’s attempts at constraining RAG 3.0… since these are man made they can obviously not be uniform everywhere, so the entire issue of subjectivity comes into picture. Also man made rules are not sacrosanct unlike the actual rules Mr C imposed; in the sense that if you hurt a person, it may or may not reflect on your future state of things, whereas if you punch the wall hard enough, newtons 3rd law will ensure that this affects you in the immediate future, in this case you end up with an injured fist.

Along with reason, one more tool that Mr C developed which I am sure he also feels proud about is what we term now as “Memory”…a combination of Memory and reason is what influences any actions that we take….But still there is an inherent randomness in our actions. The degree of randomness varies from person to person and from time to time….for a new born child there is no memory of the past and no reason so his actions are what can be called 100% random….is that the reason why babies are seen as images of god???...Interesting, eh???

So what about death??? I would say death is when Mr C. decides that the particular person’s software platform is not working as well as it should have, and so some debugging needs to be done. Or something else that is even more weird to believe. My point is if there was something called as free will which I as a man can exercise, then I would never exercise the option of death, would I? but truth is whether I want to die or not, I will die one day, just like if I jump from the third floor of my building, I know that down and not up is where I will go…. So death is one more rule in this software system…its like Mr C’s way of telling you “ dude enough of your randomness, now I need to shut down your program”….its God’s way of pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del….

This also reinforces my point that “Free will is just a myth”.

Well maybe what I am saying is crap, but the underlying thought is something which none of us can deny. The underlying thought or the essence of everything I said till now is that the universe is so full of things which are beyond human comprehension, so it makes me believe in the existence of a power which is beyond us…you may call it Lord, god, the One, the creator or by any another name…. he is the master of your life, you are a powerless entity in the scheme of things. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?


Ankit said...

Menda getting philosophical. Koi na when placements are around people generally start exploring the meaning of life :)

Atul said...

haha!! yeh kya freaky
and vanila / chocolate ice cream mein no choice boss... chocolate netime
i guess ur state of mindless inertia still continues...

Dulce said...

Interesting to know.

Dilip Menda said...

@dulce...who is this??...u actly found it interesting least some1s there ;)

Atul said...

Dulce found something interesting menda...
its time to get philosophical again