Friday, August 24, 2007

The perfect execution!!

So as approaches a new end term examination, approaches a new wave of enthu in our group. For all of you not knowing the benefits of group studies, let me tell you that it is the best thing to have ever happened….believe me ;-)…

Ok now the name of our group: the always enthu group (enthu about what don’t ask me) ….the names of group members: dilip (yours truly), Diggi, Sushant….we also have some other people in our group, but they have been smart enough to study alone…or rather smart enough to study at all!!!

Below are some comments from different group members at different stages of the term:

Term begins:
Sushant: yeh time toh fodna hai exam…first day se padhenge BCMC &%#$@!!
Diggi: haa saale ikdam….
Me: ok if u say so…. (fully aware of the uselessness of such talk…but don’t want to be a spoilsport)

In the middle of the term:
Me: Yaar its not going as planned, we are slackening too much….
Sushant: Load mat le yaar, abhi toh ek hi mahina hua hai, 2months still to go dude…
Diggi: y the heck are we discussing this topic now, do we have some mid term tomorrow????!!! (confusion largely written on his face)

A few days later: (a day before an important mid term examination)
Sushant (the master planner and strategizer): ok guys we have 15 hours left…lets divide the topics amongst us and then each one of us read his part properly….at the end we will have a knowledge transfer….believe me guys this is the best way to study (determination largely written on his face)
Diggi: haa saale ikdam…
Me: ok whatever u say …. (again fully aware of the uselessness…but then whats wrong in trying)

Sushant: ok ill do chapters 1,2,3..diggi tu 4,5,6 kar aur menda tu last ke teen kar de…
Me: y the fuck do I get to do the last 3 topics and how will I get those without knowing the first 6!!!
Diggi: guys are u sure we are covering the entire syllabus..
Sushant: saaale pehle itna toh kar baad mai dekhenge

2 hours before the mid term:
All of us are found sleeping happily when another dear friend Shashank barges into the room and spoils the sweet slumber…and as expected he freaks out seeing all of us dozing…so here goes the later turn of events:
Shashank: Ch**axi exam is in 2 hours and u guys are happily sleeping…saalo kuch padha bhi hai ki nahi…
Diggi: oh fuck…how did I fall asleep man!!
Me: Shit!!!...since when have we been sleeping…I have hardly studied guys…we are screwed… take it from me (can you ppl sense the fear in my talk)
Sushant:………..(our man sushant is still having sweet dreams…he thinks that sleep is the best possible way of destressing and relaxing before an exam so he would rather still sleep…)

Half an hour before the exam:
The saviour comes….the man himself…SHAMIK BAGCHI!!! (FYI hes the other saviour apart frm Shashank)...anyway this guy Bagchi studies for more time than the 3 of us combined….and just half an hour before the exam you tend to realize the importance of having such a guy as your pal…suddenly the feelings of friendship surface…

Me: Bagchi halat kharab hai, kuch padha de yaar…our fate lies in your hands…
Diggi: please yaar….(with the innocence of a 5-year old kid asking for a chocolate)
Sushant:…….(some1 wake him up for heaven’s sake!!!)
Bagchi: …..(wry smile)…..load mat lo yaar…don’t worry guys…il cover the entire syllabus in an hour…
Me: but dude we have only 30 mins…
Bagchi: thik hai yaar we will at least do half…
Me: good, good at least we wont flunk now…..(relief on all our faces and sleep still on sushant’s face)

After this happens the fastest possible knowledge transfer in the history of mankind…we guys go and give the exam…come back discuss the paper….realise that the syllabus included many things which we weren’t even aware of (surprise, surprise)…bottomline is we survive…to see another day…. to see another midterm…

Parting words from our group leader:
Sushant: we will crack the next exam people….and this time NO ONE WILL SLEEP!!!