Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ek chhoti si love story

Disclaimer: the narration below is pure work of fiction and does not bear any resemblance to any person living or dead

Boy is taking girl out on a dinner date….nice fancy restaurant…good food, romantic ambience….things are going pretty well when the boy thinks of proposing…here is how it goes…

Boy: (hesitatingly)I have a confession to make…

Girl: (blank expression, looking in some other direction and not at the boy)hmmm

Boy(wondering why she is not looking at him): I love you like crazy…I feel I wanna spend the rest of my life with you…wanted to know whats in your mind….do u think we should go ahead with the relationship…

40 second silence, boy is sweating, girl is still seeming as blank and expressionless as ever…

Girl (eyes at the ceiling): Yes, I think its right…

Boy (ecstatic, wondering that it was far easier than expected, also wondering why she is still not looking at him directly…maybe she is too shy to maintain eye contact) Well that’s great then!

Boy: so u like children right, how many kids do u think we should have, I know its too early to even talk about it, but just was curious to know whats your take…how many kids sweetie…

Girl: how does 8 sound to you..

Boy (shocked out of his mind): 8 thoda jyada nahi ho jaaenge…but whatever (thinking abhi toh haa ki hai baad mai dekhenge yeh sab intricacies)

Boy: so what are your views about the institution of marriage?

Girl: I do not believe in such shit!

Boy (thinking ki shaadi ke bina hi 8 bacche…yeh ladki thik toh hai na…par mana lenge baadmai): yes dear I totally agree with you on this (saala kisko ullu bana raha hai)

Boy: so how do u find me otherwise?

Girl (silent for quite some time and now looking at the table and murmuring something)

Boy: im sorry what did u say

Girl (still looking at the table and totally silent)

Boy: hello wheres your mind….speak to me

Girl (gently slides her hair behind her ears, removes the earphones out of her ears, disconnects the phone): sorry dear was on a call…this guy no…my office colleague…he has been bugging me for quite some time…now he asked me out for dinner tomorrow…I asked if 8 is fine with him…he then says tht he will treat as the guy should pay on a date…I toh baba told him that I do not believe in such shit at all…bohot paka raha tha yaar phone pe…anyways im sorry totally forgot that I had come with you…so you were saying something…

Boy: let’s order desert!

Nokia-DISconnecting people