Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blah Blah...

What an interesting title isn’t it?....well ladies and gentlemen firstly nice to see all of you once again after my long hiatus from blogging (is hiatus the right word, man I gotta look up the dictionary). The long gap is for no reason as such, apart from the fact that I did not find anything worth writing all this while, today I suddenly feel like penning down something. Maybe that’s coz im back to my fave place that’s Bombay, maybe its coz I met one of my favorite ppl today. Well as they say aam khaao gutliyan mat gino, so lets come straight to the point. The point is my life seems like a boat without an anchor right now, and by anchor I do not mean support, I am talking about utter lack of direction in my life. its almost as if im just going with the flow. Am at the brink of completing my mba from a reputed b-school which would guarantee I get a decent, if not great job in another 2 months. But im not too kicked about the entire thing; I mean am more or less indifferent to where I land up. Seems I have become too laid back in life, or maybe too easy going, to the level where anything ceases to matter except maybe mundane things like what’s there for lunch today or is the movie server on campus working or not. Then I think again is this really how I am supposed to be. Is this what I have always been….well not really, I feel….I remember having the drive to do something, to get into a good college, to top in my class, to be thorough with my subjects etc etc….well where is the drive now??? Gone for good is it???....I need to get it back, then again I don’t feel the drive to get the drive back…haha…there u see lies my problem, I am not even serious while writing down this stuff, just some thoughts creating chaos in my cerebral cavity and I am blurting it out on you innocent souls who happened to chance upon my blog (good that you did, scroll down to my mother wala blog if u missed that, its awesome, that’s what ppl told me and I like to believe them). Readers are welcome to suggest me ways to become saner if they can, in the meanwhile I think I will go back to my state of mindless inertia…. And ya I will go back to the sitcom I left midway….

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Atul said...

u scrapped me nite at 2 to read this post of urs where u think there is some problem with ur cerebral cavity.
i dont find nething wrong with ur writing skills, early morning 5 u got to be in the state of mindless inertia.