Monday, July 30, 2007

The good, the bad and the ugly

At times I cannot help but think about our many different definitions in life: definition of whats right, whats wrong, whats good, whats bad. Its kind of amazing that each one of us has a different set of beliefs and ethics and we cling on to our beliefs like dear life. whenever there is an argument, the one thing that is sure about the outcome is that one side has to be right, the other side has to be wrong. Why is it so. I mean why can there be no rights and wrongs in life. and come to think of it who gave us the right to say whats correct and whats not. Some people do charity, some people donate to the poor. They take lot of pride in this and say that they are helping someone else’s cause. No doubts about that but when you think on a deeper level they are in the end working for a selfish cause, which in this case is their mental satisfaction, happiness of others is just a stepping stone over here to reach your own happiness. The reason why I am writing this post is that in the past few days I have been doing something that I wouldn’t term as very good. But guess what, its making me happy. And I am kind of selfish in believing that if its making me happy it cannot possibly be wrong. Maybe all that I am writing is crap, it might be just another effort to make me feel better about myself. But the bigger question over here is that whether it is justified to make oneself happy at any cost. Do I have to always do the right thing or can I sometimes be wrong, can I sometimes be evil, can I sometimes be malicious. After all these are words that we human beings defined and termed them as bad, god never told us whats good and whats bad. I am actually sick of this life which is full of liars and hypocrites, in fact I think there is no one out there who is not a hypocrite, hypocrisy is man’s second nature is what I feel. We are always trying to betray whats going on in our minds, we are always trying to feel good about ourselves, always trying to prove to the others and to ourselves that we are right, morally and ethically. What scares me is that I am no different!!


Amit Panhale said... write well...hope you post more regularly....!

Atul said...

decision or act being declared right or wrong depends more on the person's perspective and the conditions that have involved than the result.

something done for the betterment of someone may be for self satisfaction but that depends on the way you look at things.

if you dont agree with me then try to answer some questions to urself;
do you know where u r goin to land up after u die? how do u know life in heaven is better than in hell? why do u think doin good will land u in heaven? and if u really dont care about heaven or hell why do u try to live like a good human being; why u want to live a good life, why do u talk to ppl politely, why dont u screw up a dozen of girls before u complete ur PG?

answer these and then ask wht your conscience tells u. u will get answers to all unanswered questions.